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I’m Lori.

¡Hola! ~ Bonjour ~ Oi! ~ Hallo ~ Ciao ~Hello.

Glad you’re here!

I was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, CA. I spent two months living in Brazil when I was 17 years old where my love for different cultures began. I was quiet and shy until I started traveling and my passion for people, culture and life bloomed. I have backpacked and camped all over the world, which spurred a nickname of “Indiana Lori” for my adventurous spirit! After returning from my adventures, I got into language translation with a Biology degree from Long Beach State (I am still trying to figure out how that happened), hence my international hello to you all.

I was in the translation business for fifteen years, where I went from partner, to owner, to CEO. My tenacity got us on the front page of the Los Angeles Times business section in 2009. In 2011, we were part of the first wave of businesses in the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program with a Babson College curriculum. This is when I dove deep into social media and found my passion! Through my presence on many social platforms I’m able to stay in touch and keep my cultural connections. How did we do this before social media?

I am insatiably curious and a lifelong learner. These traits help me stay up-to-date in the inevitably changing social media industry.


You'll see it when you believe it.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I have worked with:

Life and Leadership Coaches


Online News Outlets


Business Owners

I’ve done one-on-one consulting (in-person and remotely), creating engaging communities for my clients. My clients tend to be small business owners who have too much on their plate and recognize that delegating will create the capacity to grow their businesses. I call myself a social media extrovert. When I meet people through social media, they’re surprised that I say I’m introverted. Nothing brings out my personality like a lively social media discussion.

I am blessed to live in the Southbay with my husband, two kids, and our rescue dog, Midnight. If you happen to see me out and about, I’m often with my dog or grabbing a coffee at a local coffee house. Feel free to say hi!

The only family member I’m allowed to post on social is Midnight.


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